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Reverence for the stars... - Beta Theta Pi Fraternity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Reverence for the stars... [Jun. 18th, 2004|09:14 am]
Beta Theta Pi


[mood |sleepysleepy]

So...Epsilon Alpha is a little spread out this summer.

We had originally planned to petition for our charter at the upcoming convention in Atlanta. After discussion with some "higher ups", we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea. So, we'll work really hard this year to beef up our credentials and knock their socks off next year.

Jonathan had a really good time at UIFI last month. Lee and Don had a great time at Insititute, and Adam and Jonathan are leaving for Inst today.

Now that some of us are alumni, we might try to organize some sort of Alumni Association...especially since there's not one anywhere in NC that I can find. That, of course, will take alot of work and dedication by some of our alumni (old and new).

Our IFC is changing the format of week-long formal rush for next year. They'll be following suit with NPHC. All the interested guys will have to register with IFC for formal rush. For the first two days, the guys will have 20 minutes at each house. For the remaining days, they will be able to visit whomever they wish. No informal rush will allowed, I think. During all the freshmen orientations this summer, the Greek councils are having tables at the Organization Fair in an attempt to increase the number of rushees. Supposedly, the people there are supposed to be "unaffiliated" while discussing it with incoming students. But, I hear stories of guys telling the students what fraternity they are in...which is quite dirty of them.

Well...sorry, just had to get a few of things out of my head.

[User Picture]From: cofmatic
2004-06-22 08:21 pm (UTC)
we surprised a live-in when he got back from institiute by painting his room delicate shades of pink and blue. Mostly pink.

Then, when we were in an inebreated state the other night, we stacked all of the funriture in the house up the the ceiling right in front of his door. It was an engineering masterpiece.

Oh, and we put pourpori (sp?) under his matress cause hes a prettyboy and he deserves it. His gf will prob enjoy that addition.
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